About Abraxas

Abraxas Worldwide is based on a history of quality and innovation in the field of records management and information governance.

When this company was established in 2000, we focused on supporting law firms with their document management needs. Three years later, two major software companies were in the midst of a public legal battle that produced one of the largest paper trails in U.S. history. We offered a defensible solution for efficiently collecting, coding and producing responses which further established the company as a leading supplier of records management services.

Since that time, we have solidified our position as a top tier records management provider by continuously advancing our programs and focusing on our client’s needs. With highly regulated Fortune 100 companies relying on Abraxas today, we offer a global solution with strict procedural compliance, well-trained staff and a focus on our customer.

Formerly known as Team Support Services, we changed our name to Abraxas in 2012 to better align with the goals and values of our company. Meaning “knowledge, stored in stone,” our new name speaks to the importance we place on being a reliable partner to our clients. As an information partner, we are uniquely invested in educating clients on the importance of a sound records management program while delivering the information that matters most.

Some milestones in our history include:

  • 2000 – Founded as Team Support Services
  • 2003 – Engaged to Support the Largest Software IP Litigation Case
  • 2005 – Introduced our Federal Agency Mobile Discovery Services Program
  • 2007 – Added Enhanced eDiscovery Services & ESI Process Offerings
  • 2008 – Expanded into High Volume Scanning for Fortune 100 Companies
  • 2010 – Opened a new 120,000 Square Foot Facility
  • 2011 – Received the Catalyst Award from Southwest Michigan First, Launched Mergers & Acquisitions Support Team
  • 2012 – Named United Way Rookie of the Year, Received Edward Lowe Foundation 50 Companies to Watch – Michigan Award, Purchased 500,000-Square Foot Facility, Expanded of Our Global Services Model, Rebranded to Abraxas
  • 2013 – Received United Way of Greater Battle Creek/Kalamazoo Campaign Innovation Award
  • 2014 – Received Michigan Association of United Ways Spirit of Michigan Award

From 2014 on Abraxas has been focused on continuing to expand our client base, service offerings and community involvement; all while working to continue the physical expansion of our business. Our company is well positioned to be the premier records and information management provider known to regulated businesses. We strive to be the gold standard for our industry in all aspects of employee and community relations, driving and developing industry policy and education, excelling in customer service and setting the benchmarks for operational innovation and efficiency.

Learn about our storage and retrieval, imaging and scanning, destruction and consulting services to understand how Abraxas can help your business or contact us today.