Image Scanning

Imaging and scanning is a pillar of Abraxas Worldwide’s records and information management services. We have the expertise to convert your paper and electronic media records to searchable electronic documents organized into easily accessible repositories!

Our scanning and imaging services can be customized to your specific needs including:

At Abraxas, we believe how we do business is as important as the digitization and conversion services we offer. Abraxas is dedicated to:

  • A Partnered Approach – We provide our clients with their scanned and electronic data to meet their end-user needs.
  • High Quality –  We offer true, 100-percent quality control so our clients never worry about missing vital data.
  • Scalable Operation – We can process any volume, from 10 pages to 10 million.
  • Advanced Software – We give clients options such as full-text searching, customized folder structures, cross-platform compatibility and metadata analysis.
  • Efficiency and Transparent Pricing – We charge only for the services clients need, with no hidden add-ons or mystery fees.

By digitizing their paper content, we help our customers:

  • Reduce their physical footprint by using authoritative electronic systems instead of physical records.
  • Save time with fully organized folder structures and ability to quickly retrieve documents for their business or legal needs.
  • Protect vital assets through redundancy.
  • Save money through added efficiency.