At Abraxas Worldwide, we are raising the bar. Our investment in quality and compliance standards is noticeable in every detail of our work. Behind every service we provide, there is a defensible training program and supporting procedures.

We’ve developed internal quality control procedures and compliance standards as an extension on yours to help you meet your regulatory requirements. This way, we can be sure that the work we do on your behalf will align with your needs and obligations.

From policies and standard operating procedures that govern the way we protect client information to formalized work instructions to ensure every project is completed to exacting specifications, we incorporate compliance into everything we do.

The Compliance Department maintains a schedule of regularly conducted internal audits, which are designed to test and validate our internal procedures and commitments to clients. Examples of internal audits include a full GxP technical audit, physical and information security audits and assessments of completed corrective actions.

At Abraxas, we are always asking “are we doing what we say we are doing, and can we prove it?

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We walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to quality and compliance.