Paper records take up space and require extra resources to secure and retrieve. Why not let Abraxas Worldwide store and protect your records in our first-class storage facilities with our paper record and storage retrieval services?

Our paper record storage is backed by:

  • Secure access and 24-hour video surveillance
  • GXP compliant, temperature and humidity control and monitoring
  • Fire suppression system meeting or exceeding industry standards and monitoring 24/7

Need to retrieve your records? Whether it is just a single document or an entire collection of records, our commitment to above-and-beyond intake procedures will ensure we can locate your records when needed. You want it fast? Challenge us, we’re ready.

Abraxas will do the work for you, no need to physically retrieve your box or await shipment of boxes to your site.  Let us be your audit support in the “war room” with you and help retrieve scanned copies of your records within an hour of the request.