Test Your Knowledge

Know the Language of Records Management

Creating an effective records and information management system begins with knowing the fundamental terminology and concepts. Below are a few basic RIM terms from ARMA International.

Test your knowledge by matching the terms on the left with the definitions on the right. Answers appear at the bottom. Good luck!

Test your Knowledge with these 21 points image | Abraxas Worldwide

Answers: 1.f; 2.t; 3n; 4.a; 5.h; 6.s; 7.j; 8.l; 9.c; 10.e; 11.q; 12.o; 13.r; 14.b; 15.p; 16.i; 17.d; 18.m; 19.k; 20.u; 21.g.

For more on basic RIM terminology, visit ARMA International.

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